2013 Compassion Games


This year, Winston-Salem joined 18 other cities across the USA to play the Compassion Games. The challenge to play the Compassion Games came from Mayor Greg Fisher, of Louisville, KY, asking his citizens to perform acts of service in that community during a one-week period in April. His goal was 55,000 acts of service. Instead, more than 90,000 acts of service were recorded, and Mayor Fischer proclaimed his city “the most compassionate city in the world.”

In 2012, with the support of King County, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, and Seattle City Council, Seattle took up the challenge and the “Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest” were born.  If you’d like to join us in creating the Winston-Salem Compassion Games, here’s how to play:

How did we play?

Some of us:
were Secret Agents of Compassion
practiced Random Acts of Kindness
submitted Art
submitted Writing (poetry, essay, stories)
held Compassion Meditation
held a Compassion Storytelling Event
joined Compassion Drumming, and of course
Volunteered in the Community

Wednesday, September 11
On The Same PageFree medical clinic and meal: “Welcome Table” at Green Street by The Shalom Project

Bethesda Center -Feeding the homeless – Clann C

Hospice Healing Build

Thursday, September 12
On The Same PageHospice Healing Build
Friday, September 13
Acts Of Kindness DayOn The Same Page
Saturday, September 14
On The Same PagePurrrlesque Food Drive

Hospice Healing Build

Sunday, September 15
On The Same PageArdmore United Church: Samaritan Inn

Build a fence and Unchain Paws!

Monday, September 16
On The Same Page
Tuesday, September 17
On The Same PageFood pantry and clothes closet at Green Street Church

Hospice Healing Build

Wednesday, September 18
On The Same PageFree medical clinic and meal: “Welcome Table” at Green Street by The Shalom Project

Hospice Healing Build

“Festival of Shelters”

Thursday, September 19
Bethesda Center -Feeding the homeless – Hospice“Festival of Shelters”On The Same Page

Hospice Healing Build

Friday, September 20
Bethesda Center – Feeding the homeless – CompassionateWSROCK THE BLOCK MOONLIGHT MADNESS 5K AND FUN RUN will be back for its third running on September 20, 2013. ALL proceeds will go to United Way.
Moonlight Madness volunteers! Sign up to help with the run!

“Festival of Shelters”

On The Same Page

Ardmore United Church: Samaritan Inn

Saturday, September 21
“Festival of Shelters”On The Same Page

Hospice Healing Build

September 11th – 21st marked the first time Compassionate Winston-Salem “co-opeted” in the 2013 Compassion Games! So, while we wait for the international group to make the big announcement as to which city ‘won’ the Games, we thought we’d share the numbers compiled on our end. I’m not sure if Winston-Salem has ever attempted to calculate all the acts of service completed and received within a certain period of time, but I have to say how proud I am to declare that during the period of the games,

We had a total of 1378 volunteers
Equaling a total of 5817.5 hours served,
and from those totals, 7830 people were served.

All of that, in just 10 days. Wow.

Thank you to the following groups and organizations for joining in on the Compassion Games, and providing the numbers to we needed to submit a report to Compassion Games International (in no particular order):

  • Bethesda Center for letting us coordinate a group of community-based citizens wanting to connect and serve those in need.
  • Compassionate Action Partner volunteers – Love Letters project and Acts of Kindness Day
  • Purrrlesque – Food Drive
  • The Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Shalom Project – Green Street Church
  • “Welcome Table” – Green Street Church
  • Samaritan Ministries
    • Ardmore UMC served twice within the 10 days!
  • Anthony’s Plot – Festival of Shelters
  • Hospice & Palliative Care – Hospice Healing Drive and Advanced Care Clinic
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Human Relations Commission of City of Winston-Salem
  • Forsyth County Library – On the Same Page
  • United Way of Forsyth County – Rock the Block Fun Run and Festival
  • Moore Magnet Elementary School – Compassionate Placemats for the diners at Samaritan Ministries

Keep in mind: These were just a handful of organizations and programs we had time to reach out to and ask to join in on the games before they started! Imagining that there were many other groups and organizations committing acts of compassion during the Compassion Games, I feel safe guessing we could have doubled those numbers!

As our website says: “All the events, activities, and compassionate programs listed to compile the numbers for this year’s games were already planned! Imagine what we’ll be able to list for the 2014 Games!” :)

Now that the games are over, the Compassion does not end! Stay tuned to our Monthly Events page to see what other compassionate acts are happening around town. Compassionate Winston-Salem was also at the LINK-UP festival held at the BB&T Ballpark, Saturday, October 12th, 9am – 12pm.

A big THANK YOU to everyone for their help, assistance, volunteer mindset, and of course, kind-hearted compassion. It is truly heart-warming to witness all the compassionate acts we commit on a daily basis, in our personal and professional lives. Thank you, citizens of Winston-Salem for showing that the belief of living in a Compassionate City, is in fact, so very true. Please feel free to share with anyone this wonderful news.
A little bit of history on this movement that started back in 2008 by the Archbishop Desmond Tutu, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Karen Armstrong, and other various spiritual luminaries.  They created the Charter for Compassion.  That led to the Compassion Action Network being created two years later, in Seattle Washington.

From there, over 19 cities world-wide have joined the campaign to be declared a Compassionate City. Since then, an annual “co-opetition” that began over two years ago, has cities “battling” it out to see who is the most compassionate city.  Mayor Fischer of Louisville, Kentucky has declared his to be the most in the world.

Next year, we can not only put Winston-Salem on the map for becoming the FIRST Compassionate City in the SOUTH, but we will give Mayor Fisher and the other “co-opeting” cities a run for their…. Compassion!  ☺

The Compassion Games were September 11th – 21st, 2013. All the events, activities, and compassionate programs listed above were already planned during this period!  Imagine what we’ll be able to list for the 2014 Games!

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