Moral Mondays: Prophetic Compassion

Compassion is not always soft like a pillow.

Sometimes compassion is hard like a rock.

Compassion is not only reactive.

Sometimes compassion is prophetic, speaking truth to power.

North Carolina’s Moral Mondays are prophetic compassion.

Since April, concerned citizens have been gathering in the state capitol to protest what they call the “extreme agenda” of the legislature. They are concerned by legislation they say will curtail voting rights, damage the environment, reduce healthcare for the poor and harm public schools.

Last week, upwards of 1,600 demonstrators amassed outside the General Assembly building, and the nonviolent protest washed into the state Senate chambers. The number of protestors has been growing each week.

Approximately 300 people have been arrested, including 151 last week.

The Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP which is coordinating the protests, said that clergy from across the state will lead this week’s demonstration.

The protestors are working for justice, understanding that justice is compassion raised to an institutional level.

Justice is compassion raised to an institutional level.


About compassionatews

Think of a giant umbrella. Under that umbrella are all of the programs and acts of compassion that we see – and don’t see – around us in Winston-Salem.
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