Three Moms Create a Diaper Solution

In the summer of 2010, Nicole Dupuis took a job as a health educator for a local county health department in North Carolina.

Very quickly she learned that many families struggling with economic hardship were often unable to afford diapers for their babies. Nicole did some research and discovered that this basic health necessity is not covered by WIC or the Food Stamp program. Other local aid organizations like food pantries had a sparse and unsteady availability of diapers, if they have any diapers at all.

Nicole shared this need with two of her friends, Carrie Scott and Valerie Glass, and said, “We should do something about this.” And so they did.

In October of 2010, the Piedmont Diaper Bank organized its first diaper drives at Lewisville United Methodist Preschool and Sunrise United Methodist Church. As awareness of this need spread, the community responded with generosity to care for these “tiny tushes.”

In March of 2011, they formed a chapter of Newborns In Need, Inc., which provides guidance and direction for establishing accountability. This partnership also makes the diaper bank an official 501(c)(3) non-profit and donations are tax-deductible.

The diaper bank is an all-volunteer organization, and as such is able to keep overhead minimal and maximize the impact for the babies in the Winston-Salem area.

They are three moms who understand the importance of diapers for babies’ health and development. They saw a need and decided to do something about it. “We are honored that God gave us this opportunity to support other families in our community. Please consider being part of this great organization and to make a difference in your own community,” they say.

Justice is compassion raised to an institutional level.


About compassionatews

Think of a giant umbrella. Under that umbrella are all of the programs and acts of compassion that we see – and don’t see – around us in Winston-Salem.
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