Compassionate City? We Are Not There Yet


Bill Leonard, the founding dean of the School of Divinity at Wake Forest University and a leader in Baptist circles for many years, shares this thought with Compassionate Winston-Salem:


“My name is already on this list (as a supporter for the Charter for Compassion), but after being at Moral Monday in Raleigh, I find it necessary to add the following qualification.  While I support the goals of the Charter for Compassion and admire the subscribers on this list, I hope we will be clear that we currently can only ‘aspire to become truly a City of Compassion’ and that such an aspiration may set our city at odds with the current directions of North Carolina state government.  We must not claim too much until we are clear on what a commitment to bring municipal compassion to bear on ‘hunger, homelessness and other problems’ may mean at this moment in the history of North Carolina. It is a valiant and sobering challenge.”



About compassionatews

Think of a giant umbrella. Under that umbrella are all of the programs and acts of compassion that we see – and don’t see – around us in Winston-Salem.
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