Acting Out Compassionate Action Month in Winston-Salem

The City of Winston-Salem will observe Acts of Kindness Day (A-OK Day) Friday September 13 by proclamation of Mayor Allen Joines.

            The day’s activities are part of Winston-Salem’s Compassionate Action Month in September and participation by the city in the international Compassion Games beginning September 11 and ending with the International Day of Peace on September 21.

            Events in Winston-Salem are being coordinated by Drea Parker of Compassionate Winston-Salem, which was organized by Interfaith Winston-Salem.  Winston-Salem was recognized in August by Compassionate Action Network International as one of the world’s first 20 official cities of compassion.

            “We’re encouraging everyone in the community – youth, adults, families – to make a special effort to show kindness to everyone and everything around them,” Parker said.  She added that volunteers will be providing meals to the homeless, building Habitat homes, supporting the Second Harvest Food Bank’s “Go Orange” promotion, working with a blood drive at Wake Forest University, distributing kindness cards, feeding expired parking meters and a variety of other activities.

            “We hope people will respond spontaneously to our invitation and that A-OK Day can become an event everyone looks forward to each year,” she said.  Additional information is available online at

            Winston-Salem is one of 18 communities in four countries that are participating in the Compassion Games.  Others include Seattle, Louisville, Cincinnati, Milwaukee and Houston.  Jon Ramer of Seattle, founder of the games, says that they are designed to help and inspire individuals to make their communities safer, kinder, more just and better places to live.

About compassionatews

Think of a giant umbrella. Under that umbrella are all of the programs and acts of compassion that we see – and don’t see – around us in Winston-Salem.
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