Otherwise known as a day for “Acts of Kindness.”  Happening randomly on a date this September!  Check back soon for more details!

The number of ways to perform Acts of Kindness is unlimited.  Here are a few suggestions, but with your creativity you can identify others.

  •  Donate used books to charitable organizations
  •  Compassion “EARS”
  •  Perform for a community that serves older people
  •  Read to child
  •  Listen to a child read
  •  Give someone an IOU for one hour of free service
  •  Help a neighbor rake leaves this fall
  •  Buy the coffee for the person in line in front of you
  •  Smile at someone you don’t know
  •  Ask someone you don’t know to tell you their name
  •  Learn about another culture or tradition
  •  Start a piggy bank to help a charity
  •  Make blankets for the homeless
  •  Return a shopping cart
  •  Write a “thank you” letter
  •  Tell your mother and father you love them
  •  Place trash in garbage containers; recycling in recycling bins
  •  Use less plastic
  •  Forgive yourself for a mistake
  •  Give a free hug
  •  Show an animal you care
  •  Send flowers to an unsuspecting person
  •  Collect canned food for a food pantry or food bank
  •  Donate used clothing to a clothing closet

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